ABF Construction Management



We do full and partial bathroom remodeling. For our full bathroom remodeling projects we do the following:


We remove all fixtures (tub/shower, toilet, sink); all tiles (walls and floor tiles); all wall finishes and walls and ceilings are removed if the situation requires it; all accessories (towel bars, toilet paper holders, etc); and all lighting are removed as well.


We install new fixtures (tub/shower, toilet, sink); we fix or build new walls and install new tiles, accessories and lighting.


We supply fixtures, tiles, accessories, and lighting. If you, our customer, choose to select and supply your own, then we do the installation only. We do, however, guide you in your own selection process if you should need such assistance as dimensions and quantities, etc.

Testing & Detailing

We take particular care in making sure all is properly installed and functioning as per the manufacturers' recommendations and best practices of the trade. We test all installations as necessary and do all final detailing, since we understand that it is the proper detailing that brings out the quality in the work.