ABF Construction Management




The flooring work we do includes but is not limited to the listings below.
We supply and install the following:
  • Plywood underlayment and other underlayments
  • Vinyl Composition Tiles (V.C.T.)
  • Vinyl base
  • Wood base
  • Wood strip flooring & finishing
  • Prefinished flooring
  • Scrape and varnish existing flooring

The wall work we do consists of but is not limited to:
  • Interior partitions - wood or metal framing and covered with wallboards
  • Insulated and non-insulated
  • Includes doors or without doors
  • With various types of base finishes and crown moldings
  • Exterior wall finishes
  • Laminate wallboards directly to existing walls
  • Exterior Walls
    • framing with interior finishes
    • with exterior finishes
    • masonry walls
    • with or without windows and door
Whatever your wall needs do contact us for a consultation and pricing.


The ceiling work we do consists of but is not limited to:
  • Hung Ceilings
    • consisting of wood or metal framing and covered with gypsum boards, ceiling boards or acoustical ceiling tiles
    • insulated and non-insulated
    • with or without access panels
  • Laminated Ceilings
    • laminate gypsum boards and other boards to existing ceiling
    • other laminates to ceiling (e.g. decorative metal panels and tiles)